Jun 19

Garmin VIRB Action Camera – DO NOT BUY

A few months ago I bought a Garmin VIRB Elite “action camera”, their alternative to a GoPro. The camera itself is nice, but the editing software that comes with it is totally, completely unusable.

Any attempt to play videos captured with the VIRB gives the error message, “An error occurred playing this video”.

Other applications can play the videos just fine. But the selling point for the VIRB is that it can integrate GPS data, altitude data, speed and other information into dashboards on the video. That functionality is only possible via the software that came with the camera, which is totally broken.

On their support forums they acknowledge that it’s broken, that it’s been broken since at least April, and that they have no estimate for when they will have a fix.

I’ve contacted Garmin to ask them to let me return the VIRB for a full refund. I’ll let you know what their response is.