Steep Hikes

Here’s a list of Steep Hikes in the Bay Area and Beyond that I’m accumulating. They’re rated by their “percent grade” … vertical change in feet divided by distance hiked in feet * 100. I used to rate these in terms of their SamRating, which was just the inverse of the percent grade. I conformed to normal measurements once I realized the percent grade numbers looked even more impressive. :)

Note that the distances given aren’t for the entire hike … they are for the annoying part of the climb. Typically this is the longest, steepest section. Total distance and total vertical will be higher. Where links are provided, check them out for more details.

NameDistance Hiked (miles) - one wayVertical feet of ascentPercent Grade (ascent/distance)Comments / Links
Sierra Azul Openspace, Kennedy to Sombroso4.922508.7SammyTrail
Sierra Azul Openspace, Wood Trail from Hicks to Sombroso (steepest part)2.613009.4Everytrail
Mount Whitney11600010.3Thanks to Touchstone. Everytrail
Big Basin State Park, Howard King Trail, Waddell Creek to Mt. McAbee2.4135010.6Everytrail
Henry Cowell Redwood State Park, Buckeye160011.3Thanks to Touchstone. Geocache
Santa Teresa Park, Coyote Peak0.955011.5
Monte Bello Open Space Preserve, Indian Creek Trail1.380011.6Thanks to Bryce
Yosemite National Park, Mist Trail to Nevada Falls2.7170011.9Everytrail
Mt. Tamalpais, Cataract Trail1.495013.0Waterfalls! SammyTrail
Mission Peak Regional Preserve, Stanford Ave to Mission Peak3.1214013.0Thanks to Laurent Everytrail
Pinnacles National Monument, Juniper Canyon Trail to High Peaks1.290014.2Everytrail
Mission Peak, Stanford Ave via Horse Heaven Trail2.4181314.4SammyTrail
Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, The Incline1.34102414.4Thanks to Touchstone.
Mt. Diablo summit via Mitchell Canyon5390014.9Everytrail
Henry Coe State Park, Willson Peak2.0167615.1Everytrail
Big Sur, Mount Manuel4.3350015.3Thanks to Touchstone. Everytrail
Henry Coe State Park, Long Ridge Road from Jackrabbit Lake to the ridge0.756815.3Seemed steeper. :)
Big Burn, Ohlone Wilderness1.91158915.7Thanks to SFODoug
Morgan Territory, Raven Trail1.1295816.2Thanks to SFODoug.
Santa Teresa County Park, Ridge and Boundary Trails from Laurel Springs to Coyote Peak0.7362916.3Sammytrail
Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve, Calaveras Fault Trail1.0390716.6
Rocky Ridge, Ohlone Wilderness1.35118216.6Thanks to SFODoug
Uvas Canyon County Park, Knibbs Knob1.9170016.9Everytrail
Yosemite National Park, Snow Creek2.5256519.4Thanks to Touchstone.
Fort Ord Public Lands, Trail 820.4142719.6Thanks to Touchstone.
Henry Coe State Park, "The Shortcut" to Mt. Sizer1.2150023.6Everytrail
Henry Coe State Park, Steer Ridge Trail from Hunting Hollow0.3140023.8Thanks to AlphaRomero
Toro Regional Park, Cougar Ridge Trail1.24159924.3Thanks to Touchstone.
Henry Coe State Park, "Trail" to Bill's Hill0.6786324.4From Hunting Hollow Rd to the ridge. Thanks to AlphaRomero.
Yosemite National Park, Four Mile Trail2.3308225.0Thanks to Touchstone.
To "Dozer Trail", Geocache, Cache Creek, Yolo County1.3175025.4Thanks to Phil.
Morgan Hill CA, El Toro - the final ascent to the summit0.230028.4Everytrail
Mt. Diablo State Park, Prospectors Gap Rd below Prospectors Gap0.4368729.1Sammytrail
Posedown Safari / Anderson Peak2.6403229.7Thanks to Touchstone. Geocache
Yosemite National Park, Sierra Point0.580030.3Thanks to Touchstone. Geocache
Yosemite National Park, Half Dome from Mirror Lake3500031.6Thanks to Touchstone.


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  1. Bryce

    I’ll send you some tracks when I get home. I think this is pretty cool.

    But your SamRating is just the inverse of the percent grade and is a little more confusing. I think you should rejigger the SamRating so that bigger is harder. And maybe also include some other factors like length of the climb. For instance, a half mile 10% grade climb is going to feel very different from a 2 mile 10% grade and the SamRating could reflect that.

  2. WalruZ

    Devils Hole to Rocky Ridge, Las Trampas.

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