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This page contains miscellaneous items that might – or might not – be for you…


  1. curt hutchings

    Hi Sam!
    I was wondering “what you’re up to this winter that I could help with (time perminting).
    Let me know. I will be out @ the farm in Dec weeding the DG and Hymalayin Blackberry bythe drain between the houses.

  2. Jim Buckley

    Enjoy reading your blog. Sitting in motel here in Weed, as I head up for daughters wedding. Met up with Jeanne and Joy last night at Black Bear in Redding. There cache run brought them to some pretty cool lava caves, will have to check out on my next trip. As I left them, saw a Big 5 across the street, oh oh, unsupervised shopping ahead.

    Picked up a Spot yesterday at Big 5, could not resist the pull as it was on sale for $79. That is a steep mark down. Hmmmm wonder what’s going on, going out of business, new model coming out, or just plain they don’t sell enough and want to get rid of the last one in the store. I was going to get the spot connect, however the price “forced” me to give this one a try..

    Anyway, the reviews on Spot were all over the place, with the usual “can’t get it to work” or “It won’t send and recieve” to “works as advertised”.

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