Dec 03

Umunhum To The Sea – UPDATED

I was quite excited to see that MROSD had included the Umunhum To The Sea concept into their vision of the Umunhum project. They specifically included the concept in the project timeline … quite some time in the future, of course, but at least the concept was included.

Unfortunately it seems that the concept has now been dropped from the project entirely. The next step in the project is a meeting of the MROSD Board on December 9th. At that meeting the Board will vote on the official high level Project Description for the Umumhum project. While very general, this document sets the wheels in motion for the rest of the project.

The Project Description document that the Board will be asked by Staff to approve at the December 9th meeting does not include Umumhum To The Sea! Despite the concept’s inclusion in the November Open House materials, it was removed from the formal document that will actually guide the project.

I strongly believe that the concept of a regional trail connection from Umunhum to the Sea needs to be mentioned in the Project Description. Even if it’s not included in the first few project phases, including the concept in the Description keeps the idea alive for future generations. On the other hand, for the Board to explicitly not include it now will make it much harder for future Boards to add it to the project down the road.

UPDATE 6 December I received a very nice email from MROSD staff, thanking me for pointing out the omission. They promised that the Umunhum To The Sea project would be added to the formal Project Description before it is submitted to the Board for their consideration Thursday evening. I will verify that this actually happens before the vote Thursday night. Thanks to everyone who expressed their concern to MROSD staff!

What can you do?

Attend the December 9 Meeting and let them know your concern. I’ll be there!

When: Thursday, December 9, 2010, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Historic Del Monte Building
100 S. Murphy Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Email. Send them your thoughts via email, ASAP, to mt.um@openspace.org.

Umunhum To The Sea needs your help! What we do in the next week will make a huge difference in the future! Please contact MROSD immediately!

FYI, here’s the email I sent to them …

To: mt.um@openspace.org
Date: Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 4:31 PM
Subject Extremely disappointed to see that Umunhum To The Sea was dropped from the project!

I was quite excited to read the Proposed Project Description document for the Umunhum. I was then quite disappointed by its contents.

My concern specifically is with the following paragraph:

Additional secondary amenities such as wind and shade protection, rustic backpack camp with ADA-accessible sites, an interpretive center, and increased trail connections, including those to Mount Thayer, towards the Lexington Basin, and connection to the existing Woods Trail (part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail) may be phased in over time as funding, property ownership and other constraints allow.

My concern is the lack of mention of “Umunhum To The Sea” … i.e., a potential future trail connection to the South to the Pacific Ocean via Soquel Demo Forest and Forest of Nisene Marks. Such a connection was included in the materials prepared for public review at the District Open House, but sadly has since been dropped from the actual project documents.

While I recognize that such a connection is a long-range plan, I strongly believe that it should be mentioned in the Project Description, through its inclusion in the quoted paragraph above and on the Exhibit 2 map. Including the concept in the Project Description now will make investments by future Boards in future decades to implement such a concept much simpler. Including the concept in this document at this time costs nothing, commits the Board to nothing, and yet avoids closing the door to the idea in future decades.

I strongly recommend that the concept be included in the quoted paragraph of the Project Description and in Exhibit 2. I will attend the meeting on December 9 and will make this case in person as well.

…Sam Drake


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    Good news!

  2. Lars

    Hey Sammy!

    Great to see you at the MROSD meeting last night and to hear you speak to the board about the importance of the Uminhum to the Sea. Keep up the great cause!!


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