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FYI, Another super collection of maps, with an East Bay focus, is kept by SFODoug here….

Thanks to everyone who has contributed maps to the list! Keep ’em coming!

Garmin 62-series Calibrated Maps

Park NameMap DateCreated ByLinkComments
Almaden Quicksilver County Park (North)2010-08-01SammydeeLinkCovers the northern part of the park.
Almaden Quicksilver County Park (South)2010-08-01SammydeeLinkCovers the southern part of the park.
Alum Rock Park2010-08-01SammydeeLink
Bear Creek Open Space Preserve2011-11-14thelinsLink
Big Basin State Park2011-11-14thelinsLink
Big Basin State Park2011-10-19Link
Calero County Park2010-08-01SammydeeLink
Castle Rock State Park2011-10-31BykenutLink
Coyote Hills2011-07-04NavratilLink
Coyote Lake County Park (north)2010-08-01SammydeeLinkNorthern part of the park
Coyote Lake County Park (south)2010-08-01SammydeeLinkSouthern part of the park
Ed Levin County Park (North)2011-01-22SammydeeLinkNorth portion
El Corte de Madera OSP2010-10-31SammydeeLink
El Sereno Open Space Preserve2011-11-14thelinsLink
Fifield-Cahill Open Space (SFWD)2011-11-14thelinsLinkaka "Fifi-Cahoots"
Foothill Park2011-09-17BykenutLinkThanks to Bykenut!
Foothills Park, Palo Alto2011-11-14thelinsLink
Fremont Older Open Space Preserve2011-11-14thelinsLink
Grant Ranch North2014-05-16CKayaksLink
Grant Ranch South2014-05-16CKayaksLink
Henry Coe State Park - Dowdy Entrance2012-07-26NavratilLinkFrom Dowdy to Willson Camp
Henry Coe State Park - HQ To Mt. Sizer2011-04-08SammydeeLinkFrom Coe HQ to Mt. Sizer. Includes the Narrows and China Hole.
Henry Coe State Park - Hunting Hollow to Pacheco Falls2011-07-04NavratilLink
Henry Coe State Park - North2011-11-15Link
Henry Coe State Park - South2011-11-15Link
Henry Coe State Park - South - newer - thanks, Cass!2013-04-22CKayaksLinkA newer, full resolution version. See also Navratil's version!
Henry Coe State Park - South - newer - thanks Joe!2013-04-22NavratilLinkA newer, full resolution alternative. See CKayaks version too!
Henry Cowell State Park2011-10-19BykenutLink
Hollister Hills SVRA2011-11-05SammydeeLinkUpdated 11/2011 to include the new Hudner property
Mission Peak2011-01-22SammydeeLink
Ocotillo Wells SVRA2012-01-02SammydeeLink
Ohlone Wilderness2011-10-19NavratilLink
Palo Alto Baylands2011-11-14thelinsLink
Pescadero Creek County Park2010-08-01SammydeeLink
Pinnacles National Monument2012-04-14SammydeeLink
Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve2011-11-14thelinsLink
Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve2011-11-14thelinsLink
Ravenswood Open Space Preserve2011-11-14thelinsLink
Russian Ridge Coal Creek Open Space Preserve2011-11-14thelinsLink
Sam McDonald County Park2010-10-14SammydeeLink
Sanborn County Park2011-10-19Link
Sanborn Skyline County Park2011-11-14thelinsLink
San Bruno Mountain County Park2011-06-25SammydeeLink
Santa Teresa2010-08-01SammydeeLink
Shoreline Stevens Creek Park2011-11-14thelinsLink
Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve2011-11-14thelinsLink
Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve (East)2010-10-14SammydeeLinkEastern portion
Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve (West)2010-10-14SammydeeLinkWestern portion (by Lexington Reservoir)
Sierra Vista Openspace Preserve2011-10-31BykenutLink
South Skyline Open Space Preserves2011-11-14thelinsLinkA collection of smaller preserves
St. Josephs Hill Open Space Preserve2011-11-14thelinsLink
Toro County Park2014-03-15SammydeeLink
Uvas Canyon County Park2011-07-04NavratilLink
Windy Hill Open Space Preserve2011-11-14thelinsLink
Wunderlich County Park2011-10-31BykenutLink
Yosemite Valley2010-08-01SammydeeLink
These maps can be used with Garmin 62-series GPS units. They are calibrated versions of the public park maps.


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  1. Barry

    These maps look extremely useful. Thanks for making them available. It would be wonderful if yours and others were all posted at a central location so it would be easy to search for what you needed. Any thoughts on that?

    I will eventually take a look but how does your quicksilver map differ from the one I pulled from thegpa website a while ago?

  2. sammydee

    Yeah, I’d like to find a “central” place to put these. The Geocachers of the Bay Area ( have discussed doing it, but for various technical reasons it hasn’t happened.

    In the meantime, if others would like to contribute their maps, I’ll be happy to place them here … email them to

    (These files haven’t been updated recently, though I have been slowing adding files to the list. If you previously downloaded one, it’s still good.)


  3. Cissy

    The link for Henry Coe to Wilson Peak is broken. Can that be fixed? Thanks, Sammydee, for all you do. These maps are so wonderful!! Makes hiking with my 62s much much better!

  4. sammydee

    Today I fixed the broken link and added five more maps:

    Big Basin State Park
    Henry Coe – Dowdy Entrance
    Ohlone Wilderness
    Sanborn County Park
    Henry Cowell State Park

    Thanks to everyone who contributes maps to the collection! …Sam

  5. Jim B

    Just got my 62s looking forward to using these and getting out in the open space. Thank you

  6. Jim B

    Downloaded all the updates, only had one that did not transfer:

    Henry Coe – Dowdy Entrance

    Now I need to get busy and hike them all.

    Thank You

  7. Cass "CKayaks"

    Hi Sam! Nice collection of maps. Special thanks to thelins and bykenut for their contributions as well.

    The Coe Dowdy Ranch link appears to be broke. I am getting a 404 message on it.


  8. sammydee

    Thanks for noticing the broken link. I removed it, and added two more … Coe North and Coe South. (Note that taken together they don’t cover the entire park … I think there’s still some missing coverage.)

  9. Tom

    Sam, Apparently the revised map for Hollister Hills with the Hudner Property is too big for my eTrex 30. Would it be possible to have it split into two maps – Upper Ranch and the Hudner Property? I know you say it is easy but you are ‘da man’ and have the calibration down pat! Thanks.

  10. Chris

    Great job Sam, thanks for these. Have you thought about doing Rancho Canada Del Oro?


    1. Sam

      Thanks, Chris. RCDO is actually included in the Calero map.

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