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Jan 07

Muriel Wright Lights

The lights of the Muriel Wright Center made sense when it was a juvenile jail.  As an office building they no longer do.

The Muriel Wright Residential Center, located in Santa Teresa County Park, operated continuously from the 1960s until 2012. It housed and provided rehabilitation services for youth offenders who didn’t need to be held in the traditional “Juvenile Hall”. The closure of the Center in 2012 was not widely publicized. In fact, the County website still …

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Sep 23

Save The Cube!

A new site dedicated to saving “The Cube” on Mt. Umunhum has been started…check it out.

Sep 20

The Fate of Mount Umunhum

After decades of waiting and years of planning, the future of Mt. Umunhum and its iconic Cube is about to be determined. The Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD), the mountaintop’s current owner, has completed the planning process. They have solicited public feedback, analyzed various options, and determined their costs. At their October meeting the …

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Aug 17

Santa Clara County Park Charter Fund

Here in Santa Clara County the County Parks are funded via the Park Charter Fund. Voters have repeatedly approved that a dedicated slice of county tax revenues go directly into the Fund. The Park Charter Fund is used for land acquisitions for county parks as well as maintenance and operation expenses. For several years certain …

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Jul 19

Umunhum: The Crown Jewel of the South Bay

Folks living in the South Bay might not know the name “Mount Umunhum”. But if you ask them about “the mountain with the white cube on top”, they will instantly know what you’re talking about. Visible from practically everywhere in San Jose and vicinity, Umunhum is a landmark. It is also a jewel. During the …

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Dec 09

Mt. Umunhum … We Have Liftoff!

The Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD) held a special Board meeting tonight. The topic was the Mt. Umunhum Cleanup and Restoration Project. This was the first official step in the long process of opening Mt. Umunhum to public access. Over the last few months MROSD staff has held several events at which they gathered …

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Dec 03

Umunhum To The Sea – UPDATED

I was quite excited to see that MROSD had included the Umunhum To The Sea concept into their vision of the Umunhum project. They specifically included the concept in the project timeline … quite some time in the future, of course, but at least the concept was included. Unfortunately it seems that the concept has …

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Nov 18

Umunhum To The Sea … Good News!

The Mid-Pen Regional Open Space District (MROSD) had an open house at their headquarters tonight. The goal was to show off their vision for Mt. Umunhum and solicit public feedback. I’m happy to report that they have incorporated Umunhum To The Sea into the project! At the September public meeting MROSD showed 3 general concepts …

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Nov 01

Mt. Umunhum Update

The Mid-Peninsula Regional Openspace District (MROSD) has announced two upcoming meetings to get additional public feedback on their plans for opening Mt. Umunhum for public access. First they are hosting an Open House at their offices, and invite the public to come look at their plans and give comment. When: Thursday, November 18 2010, 4pm-9pm …

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Oct 24

Bay Area Ridge Trail Geocaching Class!

The Bay Area Ridge Trail and REI sponsored two free Geocaching classes at Almaden Quicksilver County Park yesterday. While the threatening weather kept the attendance down a bit, everyone had a good time (and the rain stayed away until the last group got back to the trailhead). The students were given a GPS to use …

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