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Sep 10

Energy Not-So-Smart

A few months ago I had a conversation with someone online about light bulbs. (Yeah, my life is pretty empty.) We were discussing the phaseout of 100W light bulbs and whether the next generation of bulbs was “ready” to replace them. My house had an assortment of oldy-tyme incandescent light bulbs and florescent ones. The …

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Apr 25

Desktop Backgrounds

When I’m out taking photos, I try to look for shots that will make good backgrounds for my computer monitor. Putting my pics up on my computer is a great way to make sure that I see and enjoy them, instead of just stashing them away and never looking at them. My Windows systems, at …

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Oct 10

Nerd Corner: The blog about the blog

Blogging about the Blog A few years ago I swore I didn’t want to have a blog.  “I don’t have anything to say, and nobody wants to read it.”  I still suspect the latter is true.  But I’ve realized that occasionally I have something to say that won’t fit into 140 characters on Twitter.   …

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Oct 06

Trips and Photos and GPS Tracks…Oh My!

I’ve added a new feature to this website…a catalog of recent hikes that I’ve been on, including… A Google Map showing the GPS track of my hike … you can see exactly where I went The complete catalog of photos I took on the hike Markers on the map showing where each photo was taken …

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