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Feb 04

Gaming the System: Getting a Grand Canyon Backcountry Permit

I really want to hike the Grand Canyon. I visited there when I was 25, not a hiker, and injured … so we pretty much just looked over the edge of the canyon and then drove on. But on that trip I told myself that some day I would return and hike to the bottom …

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Dec 28

The Obligatory End of 2011 Post

TidyTip heading to Parker Lakes

It’s nearly the end of 2011, and so it’s practically mandatory that I write the expected “end of the year” post. Gear Of The Year What gear did I use (not necessarily buy) in 2011 that I really really enjoyed? That made things better? Hmm… #1. TidyTip. My 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser. I’ve never owned …

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Nov 28


Henry Coe State Park is the largest park in the Bay Area. It’s so large that all the big cities of Santa Clara County – from San Jose to Palo Alto – could fit inside it. It’s simply huge. And it only has three entrances. Two, really, as two of ’em are only 2 miles …

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Nov 12

Yearly Hiking Calendar

I’m not an expert hiker. I’ve hiked quite a bit, especially in the last 2 years, but still have a lot to learn. But one thing that even I have figured out is that some destinations are better during some seasons than others. Can we put together a list of the best times to do …

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Jul 11

Devil’s Postpile National Monument

Elaine and I spent an extended weekend in the Sierra. I’ll write several articles about it … first installment: Devil’s Postpile I’ve wanted to go see the Postpile for years, but I honestly didn’t know really what it was. Posts. OK. Somehow I vaguely thought it was a rock climbing spot. (It’s not.) Anyway, we …

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May 08

The Best Wildflower Trail in the South Bay

Spring is for wildflowers. In the Bay Area we are lucky to have lots of great wildflowers just a few minutes away from our homes. It’s now May, and the grass is starting to turn yellow … every day the hills are a little bit less green. You may think that wildflower season is over. …

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Mar 14

Bay Area Ridge Trail: Don Castro

Joel wanted to go see a new section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail south of Don Castro Regional Park .. just dedicated last August. So new that the map on the Ridge Trail website haven’t been updated to include it yet! So … a plan was hatched. Joel, Joe, Raj and I met at …

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Mar 06

Rose Peak!

Sierra Nevada from Rose Peak

Last weekend Joe and I went on an epic hike to Rose Peak. SummitPost describes Rose Peak as a “fairly unknown high peak in a remote part of the San Francisco Bay Area”, which seems like a pretty good summary to me. It’s the highest publically accessible peak in Alameda County. As part of an …

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Feb 19

Ho Ho! Coe Snow!

After a dry and warm January, winter has finally come back to the Bay Area. Friday night was cold and rainy in San Jose, and we expected Saturday morning would see snow in the hills. So Joe, Laurent and I got up early and headed for Henry Coe State Park HQ above Morgan Hill. Snow …

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Feb 13

Random Updates

It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything here, so here are a few updates. Steep Hikes I and others have been adding data to the Steep Hikes list. I’ve changed the table so it reports a standard “Percent Grade” (bigger is steeper). And lots of folks are contributing data to the table. It’s …

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