Monthly Archive: August 2011

Aug 16

Six More Weeks

(OK, actually five.) I was lucky enough to get another trip through the Sierra last weekend, and stopped at a couple of old favorite spots. The changes are more subtle now.

Aug 15

Packit Gourmet Trail Food

After a three day weekend of Packit Gourmet food, I am quite happy. I may have gained a pound on the trip. And unlike the bags of salt that REI sells as “food”, these had actual flavors and textures. First night dinner: All American Burger Wrap and Wild Carrot Salad. The Burger Wrap was really …

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Aug 09

When an upgrade…isn’t.♦ (REI Sahara Hiking Pants)

I have clothes for the work week, and a separate set of clothes for the weekend. Not that I dress up for work … quite the contrary, jeans and a polo are the usual uniform. But the weekend … aah, that’s when the fancy stuff comes out. Weekends are for hiking clothes. For me that …

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