Monthly Archive: March 2011

Mar 31

Can you SPOT me?


I am often accused of being obsessed with gadgets. Frankly I think this is highly unfair. I don’t have an iPad 2, and I didn’t try to get one. (OK, I got a Verizon iPhone 4 instead…) But I don’t have that many gadgets! Really! And I can stop buying them anytime I want! Seriously, …

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Mar 14

Bay Area Ridge Trail: Don Castro

Joel wanted to go see a new section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail south of Don Castro Regional Park .. just dedicated last August. So new that the map on the Ridge Trail website haven’t been updated to include it yet! So … a plan was hatched. Joel, Joe, Raj and I met at …

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Mar 06

Rose Peak!

Sierra Nevada from Rose Peak

Last weekend Joe and I went on an epic hike to Rose Peak. SummitPost describes Rose Peak as a “fairly unknown high peak in a remote part of the San Francisco Bay Area”, which seems like a pretty good summary to me. It’s the highest publically accessible peak in Alameda County. As part of an …

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