Monthly Archive: November 2010

Nov 30

The best panorama I’ve ever taken

I was mostly down over the holiday weekend with a cold, but Elaine and I went on a short hike Sunday at Santa Teresa Park in south San Jose. The cold air and wind made for some amazingly clear viewing … I got some incredible shots of San Francisco and Oakland. A few minutes work …

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Nov 28

Gear 103 – What’s in YOUR Backpack?

The first two parts of this series discussed what I wear when hiking. This section will discuss what I take along … what’s in my backpack and why. A lot of people go for day hikes without any preparation at all, and without carrying anything special along, beyond a water bottle. And for a lot …

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Nov 20

We’ve moved!

FYI, this blog is now available at its new permanent address, The previous address,, will continue to work – but the new one’s so much cooler, don’tcha think?

Nov 18

Umunhum To The Sea … Good News!

The Mid-Pen Regional Open Space District (MROSD) had an open house at their headquarters tonight. The goal was to show off their vision for Mt. Umunhum and solicit public feedback. I’m happy to report that they have incorporated Umunhum To The Sea into the project! At the September public meeting MROSD showed 3 general concepts …

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Nov 17

Gear 102 … More Important Stuff

Injini Socks

The second in a series of articles about hiking gear. See Part 1 here. The first installment of this series talked about clothes for hiking…but didn’t finish the subject. In this edition we’ll finish the subject, or at least come close! Let’s see … what did we miss the first time. Aah, yes. Boots I …

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Nov 16

Gear 101 … The Most Important Stuff

The Author in 2005

I’m certainly not an expert gear reviewer. I haven’t tried out 10 different backpacks, nor 15 jackets, nor 5 tents. But I do hike a lot these days … 450 miles so far in 2010. And I’ve learned a few things about what works for me and what doesn’t. So I thought I’d make a …

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Nov 14

Bald Peaks! And the Golden Gate Bridge!

Another Sunday, another hike. But where to go? Well, the weather has been very windy this weekend, and “windy” often means “clear”. Since in the Bay Area “autumn” also means “clear”, I wanted to see if I could reproduce a feat from last Spring … taking a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge from Bald …

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Nov 13

Bay Area Ridge Trail Service Day … Santa Teresa Park!

Every November the Bay Area Ridge Trail sponsors a Service Day. Dozens of volunteer projects are scheduled around the entire Bay Area to work on various segments of the Ridge Trail. This year more than 500 volunteers participated. This year I worked on a project in my backyard, on the Stile Ranch trail at Santa …

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Nov 13

Santa Teresa Geocaching Class!

A couple of times a year the Geocachers of the Bay Area and the Santa Clara County Parks sponsor an “Introduction to Geocaching” class. This past weekend’s class was held at Santa Teresa Park, along the Fortini, Mine and Stile Ranch trails. The class was full, with 24 students registered. We also had a fantastic …

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Nov 01

Mt. Umunhum Update

The Mid-Peninsula Regional Openspace District (MROSD) has announced two upcoming meetings to get additional public feedback on their plans for opening Mt. Umunhum for public access. First they are hosting an Open House at their offices, and invite the public to come look at their plans and give comment. When: Thursday, November 18 2010, 4pm-9pm …

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